Creating an ePub Book in Wikipedia

Description: One of the little known features of Wikipedia is the ability to put together an ePublication using self-selected content. In a comparison of Encyclopedia Brittanica and Wikipedia it was found that Wikipedia's content is about as accurate as the encyclopedia source. So, why not take advantage of the content and put together your own ebooks for students to use for reference in the classroom?

Follow These Steps to Create and ePub from Wikipedia:wiki-createbook.png
  1. Navigate to the Wikipedia web site:
  2. Along the left side in the navigation click on the triangle next to Print/Export to access the contents of the drop down items and select: "Create a Book"
  3. The Book Creator menu will open. To enable the creation of a book, select wiki-bookcreator.png"Start Book Creator" (see at right).
  4. After the book creator is enabled, you can being adding pages to your book. A book creator box will be shown above each wiki page. To add the page to your book, simply click the "Add this page to your book" link. (see below)
  5. Book creation options in the book creator include:
    • Add this page to your book: Adds the currently viewed article (page) to your book.
    • Show book: Opens a new page which will show a list of all articles (pages) that you added to your book. On that page, you can change the order of the articles in your book and structure them using chapters. Further, you can download the books as a PDF or ODF (open document format), or a printed book.
    • Suggest pages: This tool analyzes the current set of pages in your book and suggests articles that might be also relevant to the overall topic of your book. This tool allows to create books quickly.
    • Disable: This will disable the Book creator and delete your book (unless you saved it first).
  6. When finished adding content, select Show Book from the enabled book creator
  7. Select Download Book and the format as ePub. (it will take a few minutes depending on the size of the file.
  8. Download the file and put the finished file in a location where it can be accessed by your iPad. (I like to use DropBox but a web site or wiki works fine also---bottom line, put it somewhere that you can access from an iPad so that it can be opened in iBooks). Here is a demo file on Nebraska history that was created using Wikipedia that you can try downloading on your iPad: